What is Polarity Therapy?

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Polarity Therapy is a broad-based healing modality, based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda. In a treatment session, a trained Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) might incorporate any of the following aspects, which will enable you to take full responsibility for your wellbeing.

Bodywork:  The Polarity Therapist uses a series of subtle and/or deep qualities of touch, which allows your energy system to seek balance through facilitating previously unconscious 'tissue memory' to surface.

Awareness/Process Skills:   A Polarity Therapist will allow your own inherent 'knowing' to emerge in its own time by building a secure therapeutic relationship. This increased awareness, together with the release of unconscious tissue memory, enables us to realise our own potential.

Health Building and/or Cleansing Diets and Procedures:  These can be used to help detoxify the system. This in turn will free up any life-giving energy which is blocked or 'held'. Each person is assessed individually, as no one procedure is correct for everyone

Polarity Yoga:  These exercises not only release stagnation, but also allow you to continue and maintain your own healing process.

Polarity Sessions with Ollie Frame

As a registered Polarity Practitioner, I am a full member of the United Kingdom Polarity Therapy Association (UKPTA). I combine Polarity Therapy with integrative counselling, Ayurveda and yogic wisdom in order to help you reconnect with your body's natural ability to heal itself. As a practitioner, my priorities are to enhance vitality, increase awareness and empower you to implement beneficial and lasting changes in your life. 

With regard to bodywork, I work to increase energy flow around the whole body to bring restoration, balance and wellbeing. Drawing on my experience as a chef on yoga retreats, I take a particular interest in helping clients to radically improve their diet in a very pleasurable way. I also produce deep relaxation and self-healing meditation CDs ("Yoga Nidra") that are based on a Polarity Therapy understanding of health and wellbeing.